The 5 best foods to eat with Gamay wine

One of the three grape varieties used to make wine in Châteaumeillant, a Loire Valley AOC, Gamay is famed for creating wonderfully light-to-medium bodied red wines with a beautiful purple hue and glorious floral and fruity aromas and flavours. This, together with its natural acidity, makes Gamay a really versatile wine, which can be paired with a surprisingly wide variety of foods.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best foods to enjoy Gamay wines with:

1. Fish and seafood

Normally, when we want a wine that goes with fish, we automatically reach for a bottle of white.

However, because of its high acidity, Gamay is the perfect wine partner to contrast with an oily fish such as salmon or tuna.

Indeed, it goes really well with a whole range of seafood, including lobster and mussels.

So next time you fancy a fish supper, swap your usual white wine for a glass of Gamay (ideally from Châteaumeillant, of course!). We promise you won’t be disappointed.

2. Charcuterie

Gamay also goes really well with fatty or salty meats, such as those found on a charcuterie platter.

It also tastes marvellous with cold leftovers from your Christmas dinner – you heard it here first!

3. Cheese

A lovely fruity Gamay is the perfect partner for a wonderfully creamy cheese. Think an oozing Brie or even a Saint-Nectaire.

It is also delicious with the local goat’s cheese. Coincidence? We think not.

4. Enjoy Gamay as an aperitif

If you’re looking for a red that would work well as an aperitif before your meal, Gamay is perfect. Its low tannins and high acidity mean that it is easily drinkable on its own or with a range of different nibbles for your apéro

Plus, it’s so versatile, that you could even carry it on through the starter and into the main course, if you wished!

5. Our picnic wine of choice

Due to its amazing ability to go well with a really wide variety of foods, including cold meats, cheese and even strawberries, Gamay has to be our picnic wine of choice.

So next time you’re on the lookout for a bottle of wine to take on a romantic picnic lunch, why not try a Gamay?

Tasting wine on a wine tour around Châteaumeillant

If we have whet your appetite, why not book your Vineyard Tour around Châteaumeillant, a Loire Valley AOC and one of France’s best-kept secrets? We look forward to showing you around!

Want to learn the secrets of how to taste wine before you head out on your tour? Take a quick peek at our Ultimate Guide to Tasting French Wine.

Visiting the area? Take a look at this…

If you are visiting Le Berry, you might find this feature about the Indre department in Living France magazine useful!

Although Châteaumeillant town itself is actually in the department next door (the Cher), there are a few vineyards from this AOC located at the edge of the Indre.

If this has whet your appetite and you are planning to visit the area, why not book a wine tour and tasting experience with us?

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Chateaumeillant Wine Tours and Tastings, Centre Loire Valley wines

3 advantages of a wine tour around Chateaumeillant

If you want to discover the local wine, you may be wondering whether to book a wine tour or go it alone.

While you are able to plan and book your own visits to vineyards, here are some of the advantages to booking a wine tour…

1. Someone else can do the research for you

If you go on a wine tour, the research has already been done for you, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.

No need to ring up and schedule appointments at local vineyards or try to estimate how long each visit will take or how you will get there.

Your guide has already done all the research, to give you the best wine tour experience.

2. A wine tour means there is no need to worry about a designated driver

Drink driving is never a good idea. Of course, there is the option of spitting out your wine. But where is the fun in that?

Booking a wine tour around Chateaumeillant enables you to taste the delicious local wines and truly make the most of your trip.

3. Enjoy your wine tour with a guide who is passionate and knowledgeable about the local wine

A wine tour with a knowledgeable guide, who is passionate about the local wine, will really enhance your experience. Plus, you will get the inside knowledge and the amusing anecdotes that aren’t easy to find on Google.

If you fancy a wine tour around Chateaumeillant, why not book with us today?


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5 reasons why a Chateaumeillant wine tour is a must

Tasting wines from different regions of France is like a voyage of discovery. Find out why a wine tour around Chateaumeillant, one of France’s smallest AOCs, is a must for anyone visiting France’s famous Loire Valley…

1. Loire Valley wine tours: Chateaumeillant is France’s most central vineyard

Straddling the Indre and Cher departments, Chateaumeillant is slap bang in the centre of France.
Its position at the foothills of the Massif Central and the volcanic soil of the terroir, mean that the area produces delicious reds and rosés, which we think are some of the best in the Loire Valley.

2. Discover wonderful wines tours off the beaten track

Visitors to the Loire Valley tend to stick to larger, more well-known areas further to the north of the Loire Valley. Chateaumeillant provides visitors with the opportunity to leave the beaten track…and be rewarded for it!

3) The best things really do come in small packages

Chateaumeillant wine is all about quality over quantity. With around 90 hectares of vines, the area doesn’t produce anywhere near as much wine as some of its bigger cousins.

But what is produced is really, really special.

4) Taste the area’s famous rosé gris

We may be biased, but we think Chateaumeillant produces some of the best rosé in the whole of France. The area’s rosé gris should not be missed.

5) A Chateaumeillant wine tour is a great way to discover the Loire Valley’s best-kept secret….

Book your wine tour through Goûts du Berry and come with us to discover the Loire Valley’s best-kept secret.

Your guide will pick you up and drop you off at your gîte or hotel (within 20km of Chateaumeillant), so you can taste the wines without worrying about designated drivers.

For those wanting to discover more of the area’s delicious produce, we also offer a day trip which includes both a wine tour and a tour around a local goat’s cheese farm.